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Reel Fights is a division of Archangels Everlasting a 501c(3) not-for-profit, tax exempt organization.

On this website, our team covers tips, tricks, and tutorials of what goes on both in front and behind the camera. We are dedicated to educate the next generation of movie makers and actors to learn, fight, and film. As well as give you up-to-date information on film equipment on our product review page so you can purchase the correct equipment for your production.

If you are as picky with your tools as we are, check out our equipment review page to learn up-to-date information to assist you in building your film equipment needs.
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Reel Fights Team offers workshops for actors/actresses both theater and film. As well as corporate team building workshops.

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Let the Reel Fights team choreograph your next action sequence in your theater or film production. We also choreograph for Martial Arts Demo teams.



The Reel Fights team can also take care of your cinematography and production needs as well as the behind the scene documentary of your current project.


Jason Rae Clark

  • Martial Arts Experience

Master Seraphim in Tyrotenshi
2nd Degree in Tae Kwon Do
1st Degree in Hapkido
27 years Martial Arts training
17 years Martial Arts instructing

  • Film and Theater

15 years stunt fighting

Choreograph over 2,000 productions

  • Gymnastics

5 years USA Gymnastics coach

Stephanie Jo Clark

  • Martial Arts Experience

Seraphim Black Belt in Tyrotenshi
10 years Martial Arts training
9 years Martial Arts instructing

  • Gymnastics

9 years coaching USA Gymnastics

Retired optional level gymnast

  • 5 years fitness instructor

Johanne James

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Louie Maglaque

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Josh Angel Rodriguez

  • 8 years natural bodybuilding
  • 4 years Certified Personal Trainer
  • Fitness and Wellness Coach
  • Stunt Fighter
  • Modeling
As Associate Producer on the Vengeance teaser, I had the pleasure of working with Jason Rae Clark and his team. Their attention to safety, detail, and selling the fights and stunts was impeccable and impressive. He took extra time to go over each fight/stunt scene with the stuntmen and actors, and then to go over each scene with the camera, lighting, and production team. I look forward to working with him and his team on future projects.
Rob Ward